Comfy Joggers Are Here To Stay

Date: 2023-04-17

With home now functioning as a gym, classroom, and office- it’s no secret that comfy joggers are trending. Looking to slip on a new pair of joggers to upgrade your training, lounging, and street style wardrobe? Read on to see what some of the fitness industry’s top influencers are wearing!

Anyone training to be at their pinnacle appreciates clothing that propels their performance, which is why we’ve created styles that feature fabrics made to work with you- not against you. Pictured on Elton are our, which are made with fabric designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. The wide elastic band allows for all types of movement without any annoying adjustments, and the zippered pockets let you carry your essentials with you, wherever life takes you.

Training hard and effectively requires clothing that will not only move with you but will also support your efforts. Ourare made with this in mind and feature Element Barrier DNA TM fabric technology designed to keep your body dry and cool from the elements, as well as Infi-Soft TM fabric for unmatched comfort while active or resting. Additionally, this item’s reflective panels are great for those looking to be more visible while exercising outside at night, or for some flashy fashion-forward photos to post on social media.

If your training days are filled with a lot of movement, joggers that can withstand intense workouts are essential. Thewill be just the right pair for you, as they are lightweight, durable, and flexible. Not only are these joggers made with Infi-Dry TM, Infi-Defense TM, and Infi-Soft TM technology, but they also contain Infi-Stretch TM, which provides 4-way stretch and support. These and their matching jacket, the, are great for adding a pop of color to your gym or street wardrobe. 

While pushing yourself to new heights is important, knowing when to give your body a break is just as crucial. Intense training also calls for proper rest so that the body can heal and grow stronger, but why sacrifice looking cute for comfort? It’s time to toss out the old sweats and trade up with our, the perfect joggers for training, running errands, or lounging in peace. Pair with the matchingand you’ll be ready for a nice day of sportiness or selfcare. 

No matter where you are in your fitness goals, newbies or seasoned professionals can all benefit from joggers that help you look and feel your best. Part of our core collection, theare a staple item for athletes all over the globe. Not only are these joggers made to enhance your figure through a tapered cut, but they’re also designed to be comfortable and functional. Thefeature French Terry fabric, which is a premium blend of cotton and spandex for a soft yet sturdy material. Keep your belongings secure with the help of zippered pockets as you train in utmost comfort, either at home, at the gym, or taking the ultimate rest day. 

If you’re a busy bee always going from one place to the next, it’s a great idea to invest in some joggers that will effortlessly move with you throughout the day. Ourare great for all-day wear and they’re available in several popular colors options: Dusky Orchid, Lizard, and Black. This versatile jogger also features Infi-Soft TM technology, as well as Infi-Dry TM and Infi-Defense TM so that you can stay cool and dry in clothing that helps create an anti-microbial layer to protect from odor causing bacteria. Grab a coffee in style or sit back and relax after your adventures in these flattering joggers. No matter what you’re up to, these joggers provide unparalleled comfort.

Take your all-day wear to the next level with pieces that add extra value to your wardrobe- perfect for a variety of training methods, hitting the streets, or simply chilling at home. Inspired to try out true gym to street fashion, or already a fan? Be sure to tag TLF when you wear our gear, and you might just end up featured on our account!