Fall and Winter Yoga Clothing

Fall and Winter Yoga Clothing by YogaBasics.com


During fall and winter, you’ll want to choose yoga tops with longer sleeves and full or 7/8 length leggings. If you practice hot or warm styles of yoga, however, it will be important to create layered outfits so that you can stay warm as you travel to and from class, but keep cool in the studio.


Try to base your fall and winter yoga clothing palette around classic shades of dark blue, black, grey and white. These colors invoke introspection, contemplation, compassion, truth, serenity, inner-peace, and wisdom.

Once you’ve collected a few basic neutral pieces to serve as outfit bases, you can start to spice up your outfits with accents of deep and bright reds, muted olive, brown and pink, and bright blues and strong purples. These accent colors bring in elements of hope, optimism, gratitude, energy, and vibrance.


Matrix Leggingbest fall yoga outfit 

and Inflection Bra by TLF

Made with ultra soft and smooth moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric, this top and bottom both feature boldly patterned laser cutouts. Both pieces have a concealed pocket to hold small essentials, like lip balm for those cold-weather chapped lips.


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