7 Steps to Stay Motivated
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Fitness Inspiration | 7 Steps to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

November 5, 2020

Looking for fitness inspiration? You've come to the right place, read below for advice from TLF influencer Naomi Kong on staying motivated to reach your fitness goals!


Motivation is a funny thing. How is it that so many of us can search so long and so hard for something, acquire it, but only to have to go in search of it again the next day? How is it that we can spend so much time and energy chasing something but never fully grasp it?

Are we looking in the wrong places?
Using the wrong strategy?
Not searching long enough?
Maybe it’s motivation that’s hiding from us...

Or… Could it be that motivation isn’t what we’re really looking for?

The thing is--why do we really even need motivation?
What purpose does motivation serve in our lives?

For most people, their answer will fall somewhere along the lines of: to be successful in reaching my goals.

However, if we’re spending more time looking for motivation than we are actively taking steps towards our goals, then how effective is looking for motivation, really?

If success is indeed the goal and not motivation, should we not be spending more time acting on our goals than we do in hopeless searches for motivation?

So, let’s switch the question of: “How do I find motivation?” to: “How do I reach my goals?”
‘Cause that’s the real end goal here, right? To be successful. The end-goal isn’t to find motivation. Searching for motivation is just something we do to help us reach our goal. 

Here are a few simple steps on how to successfully reach your goals:

  • 1) Define your goal. (I know you know what a SMART goal is.)

  • 2) Write out WHY you want to achieve this goal.
    • What value would it bring to me in my life if I am able to successfully reach this goal?
    • If I don’t achieve this goal, what will my life look like? Is that the life I want to live?
    • If no, then what are the reasons I absolutely MUST do everything it takes to succeed?

  • 3) Ask yourself:
    • What is prohibiting me from reaching my goal?
    • Are these things that I have control over?
    • If yes, what is stopping me from changing these things so that I can succeed?
    • If no, how can I remove these barriers/persist regardless of these obstacles?

  • 4) Make a plan to change the things that you have the ability to control that have been standing in your way as well as how you will remove the other obstacles in your way/find a way around them.

  • 5) Be prepared to make mistakes, fall off track here and there, hit plateaus, be tempted to give up, feel like the world is against you, want to cry and bang your head against a wall, believe that your goal is unattainable--anything and everything in between.

  • 6) Seek to grow more than you want to not make mistakes.

  • 7) Never forget #2.

Let’s do an example together:

  • 1) Define your goal:
    • Lose 15 pounds over the next three months.

  • 2) I must achieve this goal because:
    • I have been setting this same goal for the last 2 years without any success. I want to achieve this goal so that I can show myself what I am capable of and put myself on a healthier track for the future.
  • If I don’t achieve this goal:
    • I will be stuck in the same place I have been unhappy with for the last few years.
  • 3) What is stopping me from achieving my goal:
    • Working too much
    • Schoolwork
  • Ask myself:
    • Since I cannot stop working or attending school, how can I incorporate my fitness goals into my current life and goals?
    • What areas of my life might need to be adjusted in order for me to successfully reach my fitness goals?
    • How can I make all my goals cohesive and work towards all of them together?
  • 4) Plan for change: create a weekly and daily schedule for myself laying out my hours for work, classes, homework time, spending time with friends, and include three 30-minute workout sessions throughout the week even if it’s a bodyweight workout that I do while I catch up on my favorite Netflix shows.

  • 5) Whenever I feel like giving up, I will remind myself of #2 and why I owe it to myself to make this the last year I struggle.

  • 6) I will be more dedicated to my goals than I will to being afraid of not succeeding.

  • 7) I will write out #2 and post it above my desk and in my planner and phone so that I am reminded everyday of why I need to keep working hard towards my goals.

Everyone is different

For some people, they really do run on a motivation high 24/7.
But for others (me included), I’m going to need a little extra push other than feelings of motivation that are ever-changing depending on the hour of the day and the day of the week and the week of the month.

At the end of the day, always do what works best for you.

Whatever journey you are on, be it your fitness journey, school journey, career journey, etc.--keep on going at it. You are closer than you think and making greater strides than you know. Continue to make time for the things that matter most in your life and never be afraid to say no to the things that don’t contribute to your goals. You are on your way to becoming your ultimate self and you are unstoppable.

There really are so many ways to reach your fitness goals and different things will work for every person. For me personally, this is my biggest tip for succeeding on your fitness journey: spend more time working out and fueling your body with the proper nutrients than you do trying to find motivation. I promise that by the time you’ve exacerbated all your energy on a hopeless chase to find feelings of motivation, that you could’ve made incredible progress towards your goals if you would’ve simply made a plan and accomplished one small step every day.

I know it’s easier said than done, but this is the year we’re really going to show up for ourselves and prove to ourselves that we can do it. No more making the same New Year’s resolutions again and again. No more being unhappy. No more doubting ourselves. No more letting other things take priority. No more not putting ourselves and our goals first.

Stay focused and more committed to your goals than you are to fear of change. The only way to discover and reach your potential is to challenge yourself to grow. You’ve got this.

About the Author

Naomi Kong

Naomi Kong | NASM CPT & TLF Influencer   |    

Naomi creates content that simplifies fitness for beginner gym-goers. Her personal fitness journey has consisted of gaining weight and building muscle.


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