Easy and Cute DIY Costumes for Women

by TLF Apparel

Easy and Cute DIY Costumes for Women

October 23, 2020

Let's be real- it hurts to spend money on a Halloween costume you're sure to wear just once (especially when it is a pricey one). Not to mention, ordering a costume online can be stressful, as there's a chance that the fabric could be uncomfortable, the fit may be unflattering, or the costume you receive won't look the same as it did in the photos online (no one likes being catfished).

Our solution? Accessorize athletic wear to create the perfect costume! Our clothing is specially designed to flatter your figure and support you during your toughest workouts. Not only can you wear TLF to the gym once Halloween is over, but our styles are also perfect for lounging at home or wearing out with friends. With that said, read below for a list of easy (and super cute) costumes that you can make this Halloween. 

Maleficent – A Real Boss Witch

Channel some seriously spooky vibes with this DIY Maleficent look. This Halloween costume is sure to help you strut with confidence and feel like a real-life magical baddie.

Diamond Sports Bra and Leggings

Sports Bra: Diamond Workout Sports Bra 

Top: Emerge Tied Crop Top 

Joggers: Covert Camo Gym-To-Street™ Joggers 

Accessories: Ninja Sai Set, Face Covering, and Arm Bands (made from cutting strips out of an old t-shirt) 

Nothing says sleek and sophisticated quite like a ninja costume. With just a few items, you and your friends can easily transform into a truly stealthy squad.

Diamond Workout Sports Bra and Emerge Tied Crop Top

Princesses – Have a Ball in These Cute Fits 

An outfit so comfy, you could sleep in it! Princess Aurora was known for her 100 years of rest, but this bright and cheery set from our Revive collection will inspire you to be energized and the life of the party!

Revive Long Sleeve Crop Top
TLF Gym Clothes & Workout Wear

Top: Revive Gym Crop Top 

Leggings: Arctic Leggings 

Accessories: Princess Tiara, White Gloves, Costume Jewelry 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to kiss any frogs to fall in love with this adorable outfit. Flaunt your figure in this DIY Halloween costume and feel like a true princess of the Bayou.

Revive Gym Crop Top and Arctic Leggings

Bunny & Cat -Fluffy or Fierce

Sports Bra: Revive Workout Sports Bra 

Top: Emerge Tied Crop Top 

Shorts: Emerge French Terry Shorts 

Accessories: Bunny Ears 

For those who want to keep things simple yet cute, pairing bunny ears with a flattering outfit is the perfect option! This DIY costume is also great for groups, plus you’ll enjoy hitting the gym after and matching with your workout buddies. 

Revive Workout Sports Bra
TLF Fitness Apparel & Streetwear

Sports Bra: Diamond Workout Sports Bra 

Leggings: Diamond High-Waisted Workout Leggings 

Accessories: Cat Ears 

You can’t go wrong with a classic black cat look during spooky season. Flaunt your sassy side in this easy to make, yet seriously fierce, Halloween look!

Diamond High Waisted Workout Leggings

Angel & Devil - Sweet or Spicy

Show off your sweet side for a real treat! This DIY angel costume is the perfect look for anyone wanting to bless IG feeds with their heavenly presence. 

Angel Wings and Halo
TLF Athletic Clothes & Athleisure

Sports Bra: Arctic Sports Bra 

Leggings: Arctic Leggings 

Accessories: This All-in-One Devil Accessory Bundle (includes a pair of horns, red bow tie, and a tail) 

This fire fit is perfect for any trickster. Get ready to suit up and bring the heat to any Halloween event in this DIY devil costume.

Arctic Sports Bra Arctic Leggings

The fun doesn’t have to stop here. With a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, there are a ton of costume possibilities just waiting to be explored. Get creative and see what costumes you can come up with, and don’t forget to tag us in your unique DIY looks on social media.

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