The 2019 Olympia is here!

The 2019 Olympia is here!


This Friday begins the 2019 Olympia weekend, where competitors, exhibitors, fitness icons and wellness enthusiasts all come together to see who will be the next Mr/Ms. Olympia. Held in the famous Sin City, TLF is off to Las Vegas to cheer on our athlete, Janet Layug as she returns to dominate the Olympia stage!

Women competing in the event are able to qualify in either the figure, fitness, bikini or physique division. Each division requires competitors to maintain different physiques, as judges score each competitor differently according to division. Janet’s return to the stage has once again led her to the bikini division for her 5th year! Being a woman of ambition, our TLF athlete is determined to officially bring home the Olympia title this time around!

Over 70,000 fitness enthusiasts will be in attendance and experience the magic that the Olympia brings to Las Vegas every year. Not only will the competitors on stage keep everyone on their toes, but there are also a number of celebrities roaming around the aisles, so be sure to spot the gathering crowds and have your camera ready for the perfect IG picture!

The TLF Team is ready to have some Sin City fun and watch Janet steal the show! Feel free to stop us and say hi if you spot our logo- we’ll be walking around the exhibit all weekend.